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Yanggak Island Discs:: Korean Gramophone Record ㄱ - 04266 / ㄷ - 270124 - Film Theme Music

From the 1966 Korea Film Catalogue.

My Lark (나이 종달아 ) is a beautiful and haunting song from the 1964 film A Story About a Fighter. Listen to the recording from the vinyl here at Yanggak Island Discs. Lyrics by Ri Ho Il, music by Kim Kil Hak, and sung by Chon Gyong Ok.

Here is a translation of the song:

Lark, lark, of my lark, / fly, fly to that sky, to that distance / Oh lark, lark, beloved lark / that whispering creek of my beloved home / the green fields of wheat sway only in my heart / How can I endure this unbearable injustice, this unbearable pain? / Envious of your wings, I sing this song.

Lark, lark, oh my lark / go and cry my song, my heart. / Oh lark, lark, beautiful lark / over the dark clouds, the sky is blue / and this my endless dream flutters without limit / Give me your free wings / and wings unfurled, I'll fly away.

Give me my wings / and wings unfurled, I'll fly away.

We have yet to track down a copy of the film, but you can see a synopsis below from the 1966 Korean FIlm Catalogue.

Synopsis of the film.

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