Does Turkmenistan
have a Marathon?

Does Turkmenistan have a Marathon?

The short answer is no, Turkmenistan does not currently organise any marathons you can enter.

The country does have marathon athletes though that make regular appearances at marathon events in other countries within the region.

What is the Long Answer?

The long answer is that they do have a marathon – for horses.

The last Sunday of April is National Horse Day and is a public holiday in the country.

The day was created by former Turkmen President Saparmurat Niyazov to celebrate the famed Akhal Teke breed of horse from Turkmenistan.

On Horse Day there are horse races, equestrian fairs, exhibitions, dressage competitions, the horse marathon and even a horse beauty pageant.

For those looking to understand Turkmenistan’s passion for horses, do take the time to read further about Akhal Teke’s on Wikipedia.

Or if you’re looking to see the horse marathon in action, there is a video here (note it has no English).

So there you have it, Turkmenistan does have a marathon after all.

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