Cooking Korean:
mung bean pancakes

Our authentic recipe for this Korean staple

Mung bean pancakes are one of the most commonly found – and most popular – dishes in North Korea. They are very simple to make, here's our recipe for how.


Mung beans 800g

Fatty pork belly 150g

Salt 5g

Sliced spring onions 10g

Soy sauce 25g

Vinegar 25g


Remove the skin of the mung beans and soak them in water for 3-4 hours. Change the water a few times, draining and rinsing the beans on each occasion.

Once soaked, blend the beans with the salt and sliced spring onions. Mould into small pancake shapes and set aside.

Boil the pork belly until tender and chop into bite-sized chunks.

Heat some oil in a pan, then add a slice of pork belly, and a pancake on top of that. Fry the pork-pancake sandwich on both sides until it's browned.

Once all the pork and pancakes are cooked, serve on a plate with a dipping sauce made from a mixture of soy sauce and vinegar.

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