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A tempting chocolate waffle wafer snack from North Korea with ISO 22000 Certification

Over the years, there has been much said about the popularity of South Korean Choco Pies in North Korea.

Growth of North Korea's foodstuffs industry, however, has led to an increase in the diversity of products for North Korean shoppers, including chocolate-based products.

Below we introduce a product simply called 'Chocolate Snacks'.

Chocolate Snacks


Chocolate Snacks (쵸콜레트 과자) by Daeha, made with 10% chocolate, flour, sugar, coco powder, coco butter, milk powder, molasses, butter, eggs, cooking oil, and salt.


5900 Korean People’s Won, approximately 0.72 USD (2018) for 24 x 12 g wafers.


Unha Store, Unha Daesong Foodstuffs Factory, Kwangbok District, Pyongyang.


*International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 22000 Certification for food safety management.

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