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Shenyang: Introduction

Shenyang (Mandarin: 沈阳,Shěnyáng) is the capital of Liaoning province, with a metropolitan population of over 8 million.

It is the largest city, and the industrial and economic heart of China’s Dongbei (Northeast) region, consisting of Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces.

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Shenyang: Location

Visitors can arrive in Shenyang using numerous means of transportation. 

The most common route for visitors is the highspeed rail which takes about 5 hours from Beijing or about 1.5 from Dandong (for those returning from North Korea).

Shenyang is also the best starting point for the rest of your exploration of the Dongbei region. 

With an international airport, highspeed trains that move in every direction, and a wide range of other transportation options, travellers will be able to book a trip to their next destination with ease. 

On top of that, Shenyang is one of the few cities that offers direct flights to Pyongyang, and it also hosts a North Korean consulate in the city.

Shenyang: Background

Shenyang has a long and extremely rich history and this narrative is present among numerous sites in the city, originating from various time periods. 

The region has had such an active history that it would take days to read through it in any amount of detail. 

Seeking advice on visiting Shenyang will always come back to food, and there’s a good explanation for that. 

Shenyang not only boasts its own local and regional cuisines but also provides a range of diverse options for those looking to try a wide range of new things and/or find some of the comforts of home. 

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Whether you’re looking to visit a city off the beaten paths of tourism in China, whether you’re a history buff hoping to experience rich historical narratives, whether you want to experience a range of culture and diversity far from home, whether you’re a foodie interested in some delicious new treats, whether you just want to relax and spend some time with locals in a new place… you’re guaranteed to find it in Shenyang.

Shenyang: Highlights

  • Mukden Palace and Museum – The historical home of the Qing Dynasty’s first three emperors.
  • Xita – The ethnic Korean neighbourhood centred around the West Pagoda with several North and South Korean-owned/influenced dining and consumer options.
  • 9.18 Museum – A museum relating the history of brutal Japanese occupation in the Manchurian region.
  • Shenyang WWII Allied Prisoners Camp Site Museum – A site where Allied POWs were held by Japanese forces during WWII.
  • Korean War Martyrs' & Soviet Cemetery – A park commemorating Chinese soldiers who died in the Korean War (1950-3) and Soviet soldiers who died in the liberation of northeast China and Korea as well as the Korean War.
  • Beiling Park – A massive park in Huanggu District that contains the Zhaoling Tomb of the Qing Dynasty’s second Emperor and recreational activities throughout the year.
  • Laobian Dumpling Restaurant – This restaurant may be the epitome of local cuisine in the city of Shenyang. With a history dating back to 1829, it is one of the oldest and most famous restaurants in the city.
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