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Haeju Introduction

Haeju is a major seaport on the west coast and provincial capital city of South Hwanghae Province, a rarely visited part of North Korea.

Haeju is situated only 60km north of the military demarcation line dividing the peninsula and is therefore considered a ‘frontline city’.


Haeju Highlights

Puyong Hall

Beautiful ancient pavilion set above a picturesque lily pond in the centre of town. Originally built in 1500 but largely destroyed during the Korean War. 

Koryo Fortress

Defensive Koryo-Dynasty fort built above the split 120m Suyang Waterfall. An example of the strategic importance of the city throughout history (as a key location for Sino-Korean trade).

Gyenam Farm

State Farm specialising in livestock and run from a methane power station. one of the best rural locations to visit in the DPRK

Haeju Accommodation

Haeju Hotel

Located beside the central square in the heart of the city, the Haeju Hotel is the only option for overnight visitors. Basic accommodation but good enough for any visit to the city.

Haeju Transportation

Haeju can be reached by road from Kaesong or Sariwon.

There is no major highway connecting the city to the rest of the country so the roads are winding and bumpy.


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