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Dongrim Hotel: Introduction

The Dongrim Hotel is a new luxury hotel (by North Korean standards) located in the North West of North Korea. 

The name can be romanised as either Dongrim or Tongrim. 

The hotel was opened in 2014 as a joint project between the local tourism company and a Chinese travel company.

Previously the only place foreigners could stay in this part of the country was the much older Amnokgang Hotel in central Sinuiju.

If you opt to extend your tour of North Korea with the Sinuiju tour extension, then you will spend your extra night at the Dongrim Hotel.


Dongrim Hotel: Location

The hotel is located in the scenic wooded area of Dongrim Falls outside of the town of Dongrim.

The drive from Dongrim Railway Station to the hotel only takes about 10 minutes.

Dongrim is around 48km away from Sinuiju, so the following morning it will take around an hour and a half to get to Sinuiju to start your tour of the city.



Dongrim Hotel: Exterior

The hotel has six floors and being a new hotel, is in very good condition.

The hotel area is popular with locals in the summertime with a waterfall, swimming holes and water slides available to cool off in.

The area also has a hiking trail to the second of Dongrim’s waterfalls which takes around an hour or more as a round trip.

In warmer months there is also a small BBQ tent set up in front of the hotel where you can enjoy BBQ’d lamb and cold beer.

For people travelling in groups, it’s also possible to rent a house for your stay as they have guesthouses located in the hotel yard each with multiple bedrooms and shared facilities.

Dongrim Hotel: Interior

Being a relatively new hotel, the interior of the hotel common areas and rooms are in excellent condition.

Having stayed in many hotels in North Korea, we can say it is one of the best hotels in the country.

The hotel is equipped with the following facilities;

  • Café/bar in the lobby
  • Billiards room 
  • Table tennis/games room
  • Small shop (selling rather random items to be honest)
  • Massage room
  • A large indoor heated swimming pool 
  • Two saunas (dry & wet)
  • Karaoke room

Do be aware that hot water is limited here and your local guides will advise you of its availability.

The quantity and temperature of hot water does also seem to vary between rooms/floors as well.

The floors are heated in the traditional Korean way.

Power cuts are common here, so do ensure to have a flashlight handy.


Dongrim Hotel: Visiting Tips

As mentioned you will stay here if you opt for to do the Sinuiju tour extension.

The hotel sees many Chinese tourists throughout the year so it is usually busy.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your stay at the Dongrim Hotel.

  • After your local guides have picked you up from the railway station they will check with you what you’d like to do.
    Your options are to either go for the hike through the forest to Dongrim Falls, or you can stay in the hotel if you prefer.
    If you visit in winter do note that it can be VERY cold in this part of the country so your guides may recommend staying in the hotel, but the decision is up to you and staying in the hotel means you can enjoy the hotel facilities or challenge your guides to games.
  • Dinner is served in the dining hall and features an excellent floor show. The show is catered towards Chinese tourists so it is done in a combination of Korean & Chinese with a few classic Chinese songs thrown in to keep the masses happy. The floor show is not a time for shyness – everyone joins in one way or another.
  • Dinner is Korean food, but do note that it features the local version of dishes. If the guide's order Inzobap then consider yourself lucky as word on the street is that Sinuiju Inzobap is the best in all of Korea.
  • Do let your local guides know your breakfast preference – the standard meal is sandwiches and congee (rice porridge), but they are happy to serve you western-style breakfast of toast & eggs or you can eat like a local and have the delicious Korean style breakfast featuring rice, soup and various types of Kimchi.
  • The hotel has two guard dogs whose jobs it is to warn of intruders at night – our sources advise their names are ‘Dongrim’ and ‘Hotel’.
  • It is possible to do a one-night/two-day tour from Dandong and enjoy a night at the Dongrim Hotel. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss arranging this.


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