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Amnokgang Hotel, Sinuiju

Amnokgang Hotel

Visiting Tips


The Amnokgang Hotel in Sinuiju is the central Sinuiju’s only hotel for foreigners.

On a tour to Sinuiju, foreigners will usually stay in the Dongrim Hotel located far from central Sinuiju, but in a beautiful location. 


Situated just a short drive south of the Sinuiju railway station in Northwest North Korea. 

It is situated very close to the North Korea - China border.


The Amnokgang is a 5 storey building. 

In front of it is a driveway and carpark. 

On-site to the side is a good noodle restaurant. 


The rooms, like those in many regional 1970s hotels in the country, are fairly basic but some have new furnishings such as desks and TVs, the comfort level is enough for one night as well.

The hotel has a few options for entertainment; 2 small bars off the lobby, and a popular billiards room where locals can be found crowding the pool tables.

Visiting Tips

  • The Hotel sauna comes highly recommended. It costs a mere 2 EUR and is pretty retro itself with old-style tiles and wood, it heats up and does the job though.

  • The hotel bookshop is worth a visit, some of the older pamphlets that have all been bought-up in Pyongyang can be found here sometimes   

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