February 18 - February 23 2018

Mongolia - Land of the Winter Horse

5 night winter tour
including 3 in a Ger!

Join us as we uncover the stories surrounding this
enigmatic country, through city tour and grassland

From 1,150 USD per person

Please apply by 1st March, 2018.

Mongolia - Land of the Winter Horse

5 night winter tour
including 3 in a Ger!

Join us as we uncover the stories
surrounding this enigmatic country,
through city tour and grassland adventure!

From 1,150 USD per person

  • Overall

    This tour will be accompanied by Koryo Tours’ expert staff, as well as local guides who will act as translators, and give us an insider’s view into this remarkable country, thereby offering an unparalleled engagement opportunity. Starting in the historical capital of Ulaanbaatar this short winter break will give you an introduction to the history of this former Communist state before allowing you the chance to ride, photograph or relax on the Mongolian steppes. You will be able to visit museums, drop in to local markets, travel across picturesque countryside, sleep in a traditional Mongolian ger (yurt), and watch the stars from your bed.


    • Historical capital of Ulan-Bator
    • Sleep in a traditional Mongolian ger (yurt)
    • Mongolian countryside and local town
    • Erdenesant Sum, and the Tov and Khentii Provinces
    • A deep insight into Mongolia’s fascinating nomadic culture
    • See and ride among 1500 wild horses
    • Horse Riding and Dogsledding
    • Untouched woodland, frozen rivers, and granite mounts
  • Itinerary

    Day 1 of 6
    1. Sunday 18th February

      Arrive in Ulaanbaatar

      When arriving into Ulaanbaatar, we meet early evening for a Pre-Tour Briefing followed by a group meal; those not feeling too jet-lagged can join us in one of UB’s famous bars.

      Meals: Dinner

      Overnight: standard hotel; single room available

    2. Monday 19th February

      Out to the Grasslands

      After an early start, we begin our city tour visiting UB’s largest Buddhist monastery, “Gandan”, where we learn more about Buddhism within Mongolia, and watch the monks go about their morning prayers. We leave after a blessing for our journey and drive from the city out into the countryside, east towards Erdenesant Sum, and Khentii Provinces.This 4-5 hr drive will take us into the stunning Mongolian countryside where rolling hills blanketed in snow offer vistas of unparalleled natural beauty.

      We will arrive at a local Ger camp for lunch, which will be prepared for us by our local family. Here we will begin to gain a deeper insight into the country’s fascinating nomadic culture. Then it’s back on with those warm jackets and off outside to see the herd, of around 1,500 horses. A horseman will demonstrate to us how to rope and tame a horse. Later, if you’re feeling confident enough, you can have a chance to try your hand. This is an amazing experience, and one not to be missed. Never again will you have the chance to see and ride amongst so many semi-wild horses. This is Mongolia at its best. Riding alongside Mongolians in traditional dress while a herd of horses thunder along is a truly special scene that’ll make you feel like you’re in the movies. Just don’t try and outdo the Mongolians as they show off for you with their urga (lassoes). We’ll ride until the sun sets on what will be the most beautiful of poetic days.

      Dinner will be prepared by the family, during which time we’ll be able to ask questions about life out here in the wilderness and away from the city. After dinner, we can play some traditional Mongolian games, enjoy a few drinks, or take some time to study the stars in the clear night sky.

      Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

      Overnight: Basic Ger (yurt).

    3. Tuesday 20th February

      National Parkland, Temple Visit, Horse Riding and Dog-sledding

      After breakfast we drive from our Ger camp to the famous Turtle Rock in Gorkhi-Terelj National Park and its picturesque scenery. Next up is Erdene Sum temple. Upon arrival, we’ll hike up the steep hillside entrance before spending some time with the resident monk. Before breaking for lunch, we’ll take the opportunity to stop at a small local town, which is known, amongst other things, for its dog sledding. If we’re lucky, and the weather is with us, there is the chance to ride.

      After lunch, it’s back on the horses, and an enjoyable ride out to Mt Shargalt, which is said to have been used by Chingis Khan’s military committee, and is still honored by local people to this day. During and after the ride, we’ll be able to take in amazing views of the surrounding countryside, with its untouched woodland, frozen rivers, and granite mounts.

      Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

      Overnight: basic Ger (yurt).

    4. Wednesday 21st February

      Drive to Hustai national park

      After breakfast we depart our gers and drive for around 4 hours to Hustai National Park on the way will see Mongolia’s biggest statue of Chinggis Khaan atop his Horse we will climb to the top for amazing views over the winter landscape.

      Hustai National Park is a Specially Protected Area earning this designation in 1993 shortly after Mongolia’s independence. Later in 2002 it earned its UNESCO certificate as a member of the world biosphere, due to its diverse wild life. Upon arriving we will visit a small biodiversity museum.

      Eventually we will head out and track Mongolia’s wild Takhi (Przewalski) horses although cold the winter months give us the best opportunity to view these amazing animals as they herd together. It is now estimated that there are 170 living in this area after being brought back from the brink of extinction.

      Later we will also watch the parks native red deer before returning to our gers for a nice evening meal and relax.

      Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

      Overnight: Ger (yurt).

    5. Thursday 22nd February

      Return to Ulaanbaatar

      After breakfast, we spend the morning enjoying the our final views of the wildlife and walking before its back into our vehicles for our return to Ulaanbaatar.

      In Ulaanbaatar itself we will be able to have a look around the city, as well as visit the National History Museum, thereby walking back through the ages of Mongolian History. You may also want to stretch your legs walking though the famous Sukhbaatar Square and on to the State Department Store for some souvenir shopping.

      On this final evening our dinner will be followed by live Mongolian music.

      Meals: breakfast and lunch.

      Overnight: Standard hotel; single room available.

    6. Friday 23rd February

      Departure day

      The tour finishes in UB. Time to follow your own adventures!

      Please note that those who have taken the option to return to Beijing by plane will arrive the same day; those who have taken the option to return to Beijing by train will arrive on the morning of 25th February.

  • What is / is not included?

    • Included
      English speaking guide
      Western tour leader
      All meals outside Ulaanbaatar
      Camels for luggage
      Internal flights
      Horse riding
      All included sight seeing
      All taxes & entrance fees to protected areas
      All camping equipment (not sleeping bags.)
    • Not included
      Optional extra 1: + $550 Flight from Beijing to Ulan Bator, and return by train
      Optional extra 2: + $650 Return flights Beijing–Ulan Bator and Ulan Bator–Beijing
      Sleeping bags
      International flights
      Any alcoholic beverages
      Meals where specified
      Medical insurance (can be arranged.)
      Visas if needed
      Items of personal nature
  • Notes

    We meet and say goodbye in Mongolia/ Ulaanbaatar. You will need to make your own way to and from Ulaanbaatar.

    Please note!

    This tour has been specifically arranged to visit these areas it may have elements of an expedition about it due to the nature and ruggedness of the terrain. As such any change in itinerary at the time cannot be helped. We will keep to the advertised itinerary as closely as possible, although please be aware that things are subject to change, especially if we encounter any extreme weather conditions. Along the way all tour decisions will rest with Rich (tour manager) and an expedition leader. We will also be taking advice from local people on the ground whose expertise will far exceed our own.

Please apply by 1st March, 2018.

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