Reflecting on
Old Soviet Map
of Korea

With a potentially historic week on the horizon, we look back at a map from the past.

Forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit. -From Virgil's 'Aeneid'

We are perhaps witnessing the end of an era. For the first time in sixty years the leader of Cuba is not a Castro. Day by day it seems the pre-conditions for a substantial agreement ending the Korean War may be falling into alignment.

The coming weeks and months may very well be historic and will no doubt bring unexpected and unprecedented changes to the region and to the lives of the people that live here. At such times, it is important to remember that, for better and for worse, the the current of history affects individuals differently - some will look back on the past with pleasant nostalgia while fearing the future, others will be quick to forget all that happened before to embrace tomorrow. Many just live day to day in the present with mixed views of the past and future. For those of us close close to these matters, we sincerely hope the future that comes is for the most part brighter and more hopeful for all. That might seem naive, but still must hope for the best.


Today we bring you an old Soviet map of the the Korean peninsula from the Cold War. Found at an abandoned apartment somewhere in the former Soviet world, perhaps at an old long-rang bomber base in Kazakhstan, a former pioneer city in the Russian Far East, or one of our new destinations in the works for the near future, it is a relic from another time.

As it is written in the Aeneid of Virgil, 'Perhaps one day we shall be glad to remember even these things'.

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