3rd Annual Candy
& Biscuit Sculpture

A celebration of North Korea's artistic skills at the sweetest of Pyongyang's festivals!

This year saw the 3rd Annual Candy & Biscuit Sculpture Festival held in Pyongyang, and Koryo Tours received an exclusive invitation to attend.

The festival is a competitive celebration of the artistic skills of the DPRK’s bakers, cooks, chefs and factory workers. It is a recent addition to the celebrations in the lead up to the Day of the Sun – the birthday of President Kim Il Sung – and has already proved very popular with the locals who are fans of all things sweet.

Sturgeon made from sugar
Sugar rooster

Over 60 restaurants, bakeries, food stuff factories and hotels from all over the country entered their creations this year.

A very high level of skill, creativity and patience were on display for those in attendance with serious competition for those vying to take out top honours.

Candy catfish

As you can see from the photos captured by our Tour Leader, the displays varied in scale, themes and complexity. Animals, traditional folk stories and fruit were the most popular subjects.

Of course, small sugary creations were also available for sale for those that wanted to take one home or sample the products produced by participants.

Sugared horses

The festival is expected to happen again next year, and those travelling with Koryo Tours can have the opportunity to attend. Until then, we hope you enjoy these photos from this year's event. Sweet dreams!

A local captures the details of display cakes on her phone
Healthy fruit, made from not so healthy sugar
Sweet goldfish
A rare Korean tiger caught in sugar
Candied turtle
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