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Seafood in Wonsan

Wonsan Seafood

Wonsan Seafood
Visiting Tips

Wonsan Seafood

If you're in Wonsan and are a seafood fan, then you're in luck! 

Located on North Korea's east coast, Wonsan is famous for the array of seafood you can eat and purchase fresh. 

Aside from the various seafood restaurants located around Wonsan city, you can also take a trip to the lighthouse in Wonsan where you can see what they catch of the day is. 

If you see something you fancy, get your best bartering skills on and purchase your seafood. 

You can either decide to have the seafood prepared and set up on a BBQ for you, or you can purchase it and bring it back to the hotel in Wonsan you are staying at where the staff will be able to prepare it. 

All of the seafood here is caught locally and fresh. 


This is located on Jangdok island pier. You will see many North Koreans lining up their catch for the day on the side of the pier as you walk down towards the island and lighthouse.  

It takes about a 5-minute walk down the pier to get here. 

From Wonsan city centre to here it will take about 15 minutes to walk. 

Visiting Tips

  • Make sure to come here before it gets dark for the best pick of the catch. Alternatively, go here of an evening for a great seafood BBQ. 
  • They may only accept local North Korean currency here so you may need the assistance of your local Korean guide to help you buy the seafood. 

wonsan seafood

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