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Pohyon Buddhist Temple Shop

Pohyon Temple Buddhist Shop

Visiting & Tips


The Pohyon Buddhist Temple Shop is the souvenir shop on this stop of your visit to Mt Myohyang

They have a range of the souvenirs you’ll find at other locations such as books, magazines, local spirits, ceramics and the like, but they also have a range of handmade wooden items for sale that you don’t always see at other souvenir shops such as wood carvings, wooden massagers, wooden beads and various other items made of wood.


It is located within the grounds of the Pohyon Buddhist Temple, itself located within a valley of Mt Myohyang, across the river from the International Friendship Exhibition.

Visiting & Tips

  • Like so many other souvenir shops, it is traditional to visit the shop as the last stop of the tour of the temple before leaving for your next destination.
  • They sell drinks and snack here, though you’ll find some locally produced snacks here such as fruits, nuts, dried squid, and other items to give you a mid-tour energy boost.
  • If you have time you can rent traditional Korean outfits and take photos in the gardens of the temple looking like you’ve stepped out of old Korea or at least an old Korean drama.

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