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Rose Petal Spa



While visiting a bathhouse in South Korea is very much a rite of passage for visitors to that city, it is not a common experience in Pyongyang and the rest of North Korea. 

Of course, these places exist (in abundance, mostly small neighbourhood places though, off-limits to outsiders) but there are few that are open for tourists.

One of the most prominent that you could request to go to is the Rose Petal Spa. 

Jangmiwon Rose Petal Spa


The Rose Petal Spa is situated in one of Pyongyang’s newest and most famous areas, the Mirae Future Scientists Street

At the north end of the street, next to the bridge that leads across the Taedong River to the Yanggakdo Hotel this modest building can be found, open daily and costing between $5 for the basic entrance and then extra for whatever you need ($3 for rose-scented foam, $20 for a full massage), so within the range of expected prices for foreigners basically. 


A detailed blog about what it is like to visit and try out this bathhouse can be found at the Koryo Tours blog here – you too could go through this memorable experience when you visit!

There is also a restaurant on-site here as well as a basic shop. While you are unlikely to have time to come here on a busy tour you may find yourself with some leisure time on a private or longer tour and this place would be well combined with a walk on Mirae Street and a visit to the nearby Snow White Coffee Shop (just across the road from here). A relaxing way to soak out some stress in rose-scented water with some local folks.


Such places are not for the shy. Leave the swimming costume at home! 

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