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Art Gallery, Wonsan

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Fan of North Korean art? 

The art gallery in Wonsan has a wide range of North Korean art available for purchase- anything from high kitsch made for tourists (kittens with ball type of art) to some very striking pieces. All art is in the socialist realism style as abstract art is not permitted, but there are also attempts at soem form of impressionism.

There are several different mediums from oil to ink (chosunhua) all from very skilled North Korean artists. All artists in the country are affiliated to an artist organisation and all of their pieces will be approved.

You will find not find  propaganda posters- this is not seen as 'fine-art' and are deemed political pieces, though on occasion you might find them elsewhere in the country but they are not allowed to be taken out of the country. In addition make sure your art is not by Mansudae Art Studio as this is under UN sanctions.

Art Gallery Wonsan: Location

The art gallery is located on one of the main roads in Wonsan just a 5 minute walk away from both the Tongmyong Hotel and Songdowon Hotel and the city centre

Art Gallery Wonsan: Visiting Tips

  • Photos are not allowed inside the art gallery. 
  • Paintings and artworks here are mostly for sale and prices tend to be cheaper than in Pyongyang
  • Some of the art here is from local Wonsan and Kangwon Province artists, ask the staff to show you something by a local artist

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