Turn Back the Clock
Thursday - Woljong
Temple, Part 2

More from old Woljong Temple

Two weeks back we brought you some rare 1950’s graffiti at Woljong Temple (월정사-月精寺) at Mt. Kuwol. This week we bring you some ‘then and now’ photos of this temple, first constructed in 846 AD and then restored in the early Choson Ri Dynasty.

The photos are of Manse Pavilion (만세루-萬歲樓). Manse means ‘ten-thousand years’ and is the same term used for ‘long life’ throughout East Asia (Ch. wansui; Jp. banzai).

Our next tour to visit Woljong Temple will be on our National Day Mega Tour in September 2018 or can be visited on any private tour. Woljong Temple is located about two hours from Pyongyang across the West Sea Barrage or can be visited overland via Sariwon.

'Turn Back the Clock Thursday' brings you views of Korea from more than two decades of Koryo Tours' trips to the DPRK and images in the public domain.

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