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BREAKING NEWS! We're hearing word from multiple and different sources within the DPRK that the Mass Games will return in 2018!

UPDATE: 18 June 2018 - The Mass Games are now confirmed. For more information please click here.

"Will I be able to see the Mass Games?" is a question that we get asked ALL THE TIME by people interested in travelling to North Korea. But the last edition was way back in 2013, and ever since then the answer to that question has been: sadly, not.

Until today!

Mass Games

Don't know what we're on about? A quick aside for those in need of a primer, then. The Arirang Mass Games were a mass artistic performance/festival held from Aug until Oct in 2002–2005, and then again from 2007–2013.

This extraordinary spectacle of gymnastics, acrobatics, and dance featured some 100,000 participants, and drew spectators from all over the world, for what was the biggest and most elaborate human performance on Planet Earth.

But then, after 2013, they abruptly stopped — discontinued without word, or explanation. Let's just say North Korea's not exactly great when it comes to information flow...

Mass Games

WHICH BRINGS US TO TODAY'S BREAKING NEWS. We're hearing word from multiple and different sources within the DPRK (North Korea) that:

...the Mass Games will return in 2018!

The specifics aren't entirely clear yet. But we wanted to share this incredibly exciting news with you at the earliest opportunity. Given the 9th of Sep marks the DPRK's 70th Anniversary it seems logical to suggest that, based on the whispers we're hearing from our people in the know in Pyongyang, this is when we'll see the Mass Games back in action.

Want to have a chance to be there to see this mass spectacle? Then be sure to sign up to our newsletter (below) or keep an eye on this blog for more as we have it! Alternatively, contact us here to be added to our special Mass Games sign-up list. Exciting times...

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