Official Announcement:
North Korea's Mass Games
are back September 2018!

It's official: After a five-year hiatus, North Korea's Mass Games will run from September 9-30 2018.

North Korea Mass Games

Dates and ticket prices now 100 per cent confirmed for 2018's Mass Games — back after a five-year break!

The first performance will take place on 9 September 2018, and the show's schedule is set to run until the end of that month.

Multiple tours to this incredible event have already sold out. Hit this link if you don't want to miss out!

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July 19 2018 Update: Our partners in Pyongyang have now confirmed with us that the cheapest ticket to attend this year's Mass Games will cost 100 euros (1150 seats available), and be classified as a '3rd Class Ticket'. The other tiers of ticket above this are '2nd Class' (270 seats) for 300 EUR, '1st Class' (70 seats) for 500 EUR, and 'VIP' (30 seats) for 800 EUR.

North Korea Mass Games

For the latest updates on the North Korea Mass Games in 2019 onwards, keep an eye on our Mass Games Tour page, contact us or follow the Koryo Tours Blog.

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