The Glorious Country
– North Korea’s
2018 Mass Games

Mass Games: The Next Generation. Goodbye, 'Arirang', Hello to 'The Glorious Country'. The official English name of this year's North Korean Mass Games is 'The Glorious Country'.

The official English name for this year’s North Korean Mass Games has been announced as ‘The Glorious Country’, described as 'Grand Mass Gymnastics and Artistic Performance'. The Korean title remains <빛나는 조국 > which we previously translated as 'Shining Fatherland’, ‘Bright Fatherland’, or ‘Brilliant Fatherland’.

This means you should expect a whole new set of themed performances different from the former 'Arirang' Mass Games (see photo below), but undoubtedly just as impressive.

See our Mass Games FAQs for the latest updates on traveling to see this year's Mass Games in Pyongyang on one of our tours this September.

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