Pyongyang Marathon
April 2024: CANCELLED

Koryo Tours, official partners of the Pyongyang International Marathon, have received confirmation that the April 2024 Pyongyang Marathon will not take place.

North Korea Announces Cancellation of
April 2024 Pyongyang Marathon

23rd January, 2024

Koryo Tours, the official partners of the Pyongyang International Marathon, have received official confirmation from the Pyongyang Marathon Committee, that the race, originally scheduled for April 2024, has been cancelled.

Possible Rescheduling

While disappointing news for participants and enthusiasts, there is a glimmer of hope as discussions are underway to potentially reschedule the event later in the year. If a rescheduling occurs, the new proposed dates are likely to fall in either September or October 2024.

It's important to note that the rescheduling has not yet been officially confirmed. Koryo Tours is diligently monitoring the situation, and we are committed to providing timely updates on any developments, including confirmation of the rescheduled dates. Updates will be communicated through this platform, our social media channels, and our newsletter

The rescheduling would be just for this year (2024). The Pyongyang International Marathon will revert back to its usual April dates in 2025 and beyond (assuming that the country is open again to tourists at that time)

We would warn against reading this news as some kind of confirmation that the country will or will not open to tourists soon - the Pyongyang Marathon is not a tourist event after all and took place for many years without any tourists taking part. The cancellation is simply because the country is still closed to almost all visitors and even if it opens immediately that does not allow enough time to arrange this prestigious race correctly. The suggested change to a later date is simply in anticipation of the DPRK being open to visitors by that time. Those who arrange the Pyongyang Marathon are not the same as those who determine whether the country will be open or closed.

Pyongyang Marathon Tour Bookings

If the Pyongyang Marathon is rescheduled, Koryo Tours will promptly make tour packages available for booking on our website, offering participants and travellers the opportunity to experience this unique event. This will be available on the Pyongyang Marathon Tours page. 

It is crucial to be aware that North Korea remains closed to foreign tourism at this time. For the latest updates on North Korea's tourism status, please refer to our North Korean Border Updates page or sign up to our dedicated newsletter (please contact to be added).

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