Cryptocurrency for use
in the North Korea tourism
industry released!

Koryo Tours is excited to be the first to announce the creation and release of a new blockchain-based cryptocurrency exclusively for use in the DPRK tourism industry — the Koryo Coin!

Riding the wave of alternative currencies that have proven popular over the last few years, this new payment/investment option will be available via an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) from today, April 1st, and market analysts are already predicting that this could quickly become one of the big success stories of the digital-currency world.

The initial value of this innovation is predicted to be around 8,888 DPRK Won to one Koryo Coin, thereby making it an attractive option for those looking for a flutter and some low-risk speculation. Reputable travel companies working in the North Korea tourism industry are all expected to accept this payment method, starting soon, and it's thought that even some of the main tourist shops in Pyongyang will also accept the Koryo Coin.

What makes Koryo Coin distinctly North Korean is that the blockchain technology it utilises was developed specifically for the RedStar operating system — an indigenous system developed inside the DPRK. Local citizens using Arirang Smartphones can download an app from the national intranet system to use this currency themselves, or to speculate on its value. Foreigners can use the Koryo Coin to buy such products as Kaesong Ginseng, Taedonggang Beer, and the ever-popular ‘Welcome to Pyongyang’ T-shirt.

Head of the DPRK Central Bank's cyber section, Ms. Ri Hyon A, said in a statement that: “This coin will surely become the default currency used by foreigners visiting our country, providing convenience for all of our guests.”

Mr. Kim Myong Chol, from the National Tourism Administration of the DPRK, told Koryo Tours that he too was excited about the launch of Koryo Coin.

“I’ve been interested in cryptocurrencies since being told about it by some tourists visiting with Koryo Tours some years ago," he said. "The fact that our country can develop its own blockchain technology shows how our computer science has developed since then. We welcome anyone visiting the DPRK to pay for their souvenirs with Koryo Coin!”

Koryo Tours is proud to be the first company to accept this form of payment, and anyone looking to invest in Koryo Coin would be well advised to contact us for more details, and to check the date of this press release too.

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