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The Yanggakdo Hotel Revolving Restaurant is the Yanggakdo Hotel’s centre piece restaurant perched on top of the hotel’s structure.


It is located on top of the Yanggakdo Hotel on the 47th floor in Pyongyang.

Only two of the hotel’s lifts go to the 47th floor where the Yanggakdo Hotel Revolving Restaurant is located.


The main reason people head to the Yanggakdo Hotel Revolving Restaurant is to enjoy a drink at its bar and take in the views from its 360 degree panorama of Pyongyang which is the same height as the Juche Tower (170m). At the time of writing you can take pictures of Pyongyang from the revolving restaurant, but not from the Juche Tower.

From the Yanggakdo Hotel Revolving Restaurant you have a great view of just about all of Pyongyang, looking up and down the Taedong River and including the May Day Stadium, Kim Il Sung Square, the Juche Tower, Pyongyang Railway Station, Koryo Hotel and Ryugyong Hotel.

It is possible to have meals here which can either be included in the cost of your tour, or you can pay for separately if you wish to choose your dishes from the menu.

The restaurant serves mainly Korean food, with some western dishes being offered as well such as macaroni cheese and spaghetti Bolognese. 

The main dish locals come here to enjoy is bulgolgi – barbequed meat in a thick marinade and very delicious. This costs extra if you wish to order.

The revolving feature of the restaurant is slow, so it takes a while to do a full rotation.


Meals included in your tour are sometimes arranged here, usually during the busier times of year.

If visiting outside of the planned tour itinerary then food and drinks are paid for separately on the spot.


  • Most of the time the staff here do not have the restaurant’s revolving feature switched on, but they are happy to switch it on for you if you ask politely.
  • Only two lifts go to the 47th floor which is the third lifts from the front on each side – they are marked in the lobby being for the Yanggakdo Hotel Revolving Restaurant, but are not marked on any other floor.
  • If you have an included meal here be aware that the staff will offer tea, coffee or ice cream at the end of the meal which is not included in the cost and has to be paid for separately.
  • The restaurant usually closes around 11pm-12pm, but if you are well behaved and money is being spent then they are generally happy to stay open a bit later.
  • Toilets for the restaurant are located on the 46th floor which are accessed using a spiral staircase near the lifts.
  • Apart from the flame on the Juche Tower, most lights in Pyongyang are switched off by 11pm which means if you leave your visit too late you are not going to see too much so ensure to head up early or else all you will see is darkness.
  • Unlike the bar in the foyer of the Yanggakdo Hotel, they do not have serve draft beer in the revolving restaurant – they only serve bottled beer.

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