Three Tigers of Mt
Paektu Mosaic | North
Korea Travel Guide

Three Tigers of Mt Paektu Mosaic | North Korea Travel Guide

Three Tigers of Mt Paektu Mural

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The Three Tigers of Mt. Paektu monument in Sinuiju is a public display of three large, mosaic panels showing President Kim Il Sung, General Kim Jong Il, and Kim Jong Suk, wife of Kim Il Sung and mother of Kim Jong Il. 

The mosaics provide a good photo opportunity for tourists to get a glimpse of a different kind of large-scale public art project dedicated to the heroes of the modern DPRK.


The Three Tigers of Mt. Paektu Mosaic is located about 5 minutes drive from the Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory, towards the south of Sinuiju.

Sinuiju is the capital city of North Pyongan province and the main overland port of entry for tourists and foreign trade. 


Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il,and Kim Jong Suk are together presented as the epitome of the Paektu Bloodline.

This line has played a leading role in the narrative of the DPRK’s revolutionary history, a role which continues to this day via Marshal Kim Jong Un. 

This is a great stop for photos depicting the history and artistic representation of DPRK leadership.

Travel Tips

Days spent in this region often consist of full itineraries. 

Therefore, it is not uncommon to expect that your bus won’t stop here for long in order to save time for the numerous other sites and activities around Sinuiju. 

So, be prepared to shoot fast on a quick stop along the route where these mosaics can be seen! 

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