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An introduction to the DPRK's premier art production facility.

The Mansudae Art Studio North Korea

The Mansudae Art Studio (만수대창작사 | 萬壽臺創作社 ) is a major art production centre and exhibition located in Pyongyang, North Korea. It is estimated to be one of the world’s biggest art producers — if not the biggest. Mansudae produces the great majority of North Korea's public art work from statues and monuments to murals and paintings across the DPRK. Despite the multiple, impressive pieces it has produced over the years both at home and abroad, it remains relatively unheard of.

The Mansudae Art Studio was founded in 1959. The site is similar in size to a small university campus, with a gift shop, a sauna, a medical clinic, a kindergarten, and a football pitch on site. It has a total area of approx. 120,000 square meters. The art studio employs around 4,000 people — 1,000 of which are artists, who work both domestically across the country and overseas.

Representative public-works projects by the studio include the Party Foundation Monument, the Chollima Statue, and the Arch of Triumph. The Mansudae Art Studio is also in charge of producing all pieces of art that include North Korea's leaders, for example the Mansudae Grand Monument, the Samjiyon Grand Monument, and the Wangjaesan Grand Monument.

Mansudae Art Studio Pieces

The Mansudae Art Studio is by no means a mass production art studio, but rather a producer of high-quality pieces of artwork. Working as an artist at the Mansudae Art Studios is a very prestigious profession.

The grounds of Mansudae Art Studio.

The artists in the studio are selected from the best academies throughout the country to ensure the highest quality of North Korean art. Ages of employees range from mid-20s to mid-60s. The two highest awards an artist can receive in North Korea are the Merit Artists and the People’s Artists awards. Over half of these awards can be associated with employees of the Mansudae Art Studio.

Apart from grand monument statues, the Mansudae Art Studio has a large range of art works it produces. The studio is made up of 13 groups, which range from oil paintings to ceramics, statues, mosaics, posters, etc.

Mansudae Art Studio Abroad

The Mansudae Overseas Project Group is in charge of all overseas projects. This division was established in the 1970s and has since created projects including statues, museums, and even stadiums worldwide. Countries include; Algeria, Botswana, Cambodia, Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Germany, Malaysia, Mozambique, Madagascar, Senegal, Syria, Togo, and Zimbabwe.

Perhaps the Mansudae Overseas Project Group's most famous work is the African Renaissance Monument (Le Monument de la Renaissance Africaine) in Senegal.

Connections with Italy

The Mansudae Art Studio have had ties with Italy since 2005, when Pier Luigi Cecioni first visited the studios in Pyongyang after performing in the capital as part of an orchestra. Cecioni wanted to help the studios, who were largely unknown, get their name out in the West.

Cecioni and his brother then returned to Pyongyang and to the art studios and set up an agreement that Cecioni would be in charge of organising artwork sales and exhibitions in the West.

Cecioni is the owner and founder of the official Mansudae Art Studio website

Before UN sanctions on North Korea put a major halt to sales, there was a wide range of North Korean available for purchase from this website, and could be sent to countries all over the world.

Overseas Exhibitions

The Mansudae Art Studio had its first overseas exhibition in London in 2007. It ran for six weeks between July and August in La Galaria in Pall Mall.

In Dandong, China, the Mansudae art Studios opened a trade exposition in 2013. It sold over 30 pieces just three days after opening.

In 2014, David Heather who was the curator of the 2007 exhibition in London, decided to recreate this success. This time the exhibition was held at the North Korean embassy in London. The North Korean artists were involved in the event and stayed in London two weeks prior to the event to prepare.

Mansudae Art Museum: Beijing, China

The only official collection of North Korean art is located in the 798 Art District in Beijing. In this art district in the north east of Beijing, there are many different art studios dotted around the site, as well as small, trendy cafes and shops. You can also explore former abandoned factories to the back of the art district by strolling down the overhead steel walkways.

You can find the Mansudae Art Studio, which goes under the name of Mansudae Art Museum, pretty easily, since it is marked by a large bronze Chollima winged-horse statue.

All of the items on display in this museum are for sale. Artworks include paintings, statues, posters, and also stamps and postcards. Many of the pieces have a strong theme of the North Korea-China relationship.

This collection of North Korean art is one of the only places you can get your hands on North Korean artwork outside of North Korea. It’s certainly worth a visit if you’re in Beijing.

Visiting the Mansudae Art Studio

The main gate of Mansudae Art Studio.

In Pyongyang, the Mansudae Art Studio North Korea is open for tourists to visit. You can have a look around campus-like site, visit the art gallery, and have a look into multiple studios on the site. Some of the studios open to foreign visitors include oil paintings, ceramics, and sculpture.

If you’re lucky, you may also catch some of the artists in action. Feel free to chat with them about their works. Pictures are allowed on site, but you should ask the artist before taking a picture of him/her or their pieces of artwork.

Practical Tips

• Go during a week day or a busy time for the possibility of be catching the artists in action.

• Don’t miss out the North Korean art on the second floor in the art gallery space. Many visitors get caught up downstairs without realising the upstairs is also accessible! Make sure you pay a visit to the Mansudae Art Studio artworks upstairs too.

• Want to make a big purchase of North Korean art but worried about getting it back home? The Mansudae Art Studio offers a DHL postal service to help get your souvenirs back home.


*Mansudae Art Studio produces the badges worn by every adult North Korean.

*North Korean television has produced an almost 25+ part documentary on the Mansudae Art Studio, perhaps highlighting its importance in the eyes of the state. Here is part 1, which gives a good overview of the grounds.

Location and Access

The Mansudae Art Studio is based in the centre of Pyongyang, North Korea. It is easily accessible by car or coach. There is a carpark at the front of the art studio.

Puhung Station of the Pyongyang Metro is located nearby. At the time of writing (2019), it is not possible for foreigners to walk between the Mansudae Art Studio and this subway station.

You can visit the Mansudae Art Studio on some of our longer trips to North Korea, and pick up your own North Korean artwork. Or, you can have a private tour and request it to be in your own personalised itinerary. What else can you see in North Korea? Download Koryo Tours' free 75-page guide to the country for a full list and follow the Koryo Tours Blog for in-depth descriptions.

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