Top 3: Model
Vehicles in
North Korea

Our favourite DPRK automobiles, in miniature

Flower Power

Model cars used in the annual flower show dedicated to the Korean leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. These particular vehicles (including a VW beetle not ever seen in Korea!) are motoring around the Taeddong River directly below the pavilion where reputedly Kim Il Sung made his decision to head up north to free the country from Japanese occupation.

Smallest Army in the World

Scaled tanks and rocket launchers passing in front of the dias (reviewing stand) on Kim Il Sung Square at the now demolished ‘Mini Pyongyang’. We have attended a couple of military Parades on this reviewing stand (in 1993 to mark the end of the Korean War – with Kim Il Sung with Yasser Arafat – and ten years later for filming 'A State of Mind' with Kim Jong Il in attendance). Tourists get to watch them road side as they cross the river back to base.

'Follow That Car!'

A scaled model of the Dacia 1310 which was the Pyongyang taxi in the 1990’s. The model was bought on Ebay but the car was imported from Romania (from the tooling of a Renault 12). Nick Bonner used them in the 90’s, payment was without meter and in US$ cash. At that time there were also a fleet of Volvo taxis but they all seem to have disappeared off the streets, largely replaced in 2014 Chinese brand of contrasting coloured taxis – many owned by Air Koryo.

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