Can you name these
North Korea-related
locations in miniature?

DPRK-miniatures at the Kim Ilsungia Flower Festival.

Can you name these North Korea-related locations in miniature?

Enter the Kim Ilsungia Flowest Festival, held each April in Pyongyang for the 'Day of the Sun' holiday, and you will find elaborate floral displays made by North Korean organisations, institutions, and individuals. Many displays incorporate miniature dioramas and models related to the field or sector of the creator — for instance, the military display may include miniature tanks or warplanes, while the maritime administration may have miniature ships and docks.

Other displays include buildings or locations from around the country in miniature. Today we bring you some from around this year's flower festival. Do you know them all? Scroll down for answers!

The Kim Ilsungia Flower Festival entrance.


1. Arch of Triumph in Pyongyang

2. The Juche Tower in Pyongyang

3. The Mangyongdae Native House in Pyongyang

4. The Immortality Tower in Pyongyang

5. Korea University (조선대학교 | 朝鮮大學校) in Japan

6. Kim Il Sung University in Pyongyang

7. Kumsusan Palace of the Sun in Pyongyang

8. Okryugwan Restaurant in Pyongyang (and the Rainbow Boat!)

9. Mount Paektu (in the background) in the northern DPRK

10. Ryugyong Health Complex, Handball Stadium, Pyongyang Indoor Stadium, Pyongyang Ice Rink in Pyongyang (left to right).

Want to learn more about locations (not in miniature!) in North Korea? Check out Koryo Tours' free guide to the DPRK — did we mention it is free?

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