Peculiar Pyongyang
| A North Korea

A new timelapse video from inside North Korea by SpoonFilm and Koryo Tours. See Pyongyang from a different perspective!

Peculiar Pyongyang | A Unique North Korea Video

Korea, like anywhere in the world, has quite strong and distinct regional differences. Despite a mutually intelligible language spoken across across the peninsula, a strong modern Korean identity, and relatively homogeneous population, imagine cultural differences akin to the American North and South, as well as the American West and East, or regional identities in the United Kingdom.

In traditional times, Korea was divided into the 'eight provinces' - Game of Thrones fans might find a comparison to Westeros' feuding 'Seven Kingdoms' useful - each with its own distinct characteristics and stereotypes, sometimes flattering, sometimes not. Such differences still exist in North Korea today too.

I once asked a North Korean friend to describe, in single words, the character of the people of Pyongyang compared to other Koreans. One of the words was 'peculiar'. Rather stereotypically and speaking in broad general terms (with the context of a few hundred years of history), Pyongyang people are tougher than the soft urbanites in Kaesong and Seoul to the south, more industrious than than their rural neighbors, and more aggressive than the calm people of Kangwon across the mountains by the sea.

However, compared to the people of Hamgyong in the northeast of Korea, Pyongyang people are relatively meek, easy-going, and interested in trivial things like trade, status, and the arts. North Hamgyong people hold a disproportionate amount of influence in the Korean Workers' Party and the government bureaucracy in Pyongyang. Pyongyang, of course, has a privileged position at the centre of DPRK society, culture, and economy, but the people might still be viewed as bit distinct or peculiar by other Koreans.

So it wasn't surprising when Joerg Daiber (SpoonFilm) gave his newest Little Big World time-lapse video the nicely alliterative title of 'Peculiar Pyongyang'. Although the above is probably not what he had in mind, it is fitting for this beautiful depiction of Pyongyang.

We hope you enjoy this unique project carried out with Koryo Tours!

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