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Zaisan Memorial

Located in the South of Ulaanbaatar these soviet era monuments are found in the rapidly changing area of Zaisan.

Construction within the Zaisan area has grown rapidly over recent years with modern shopping malls, funky eateries, fancy apartments and trendy hangouts.

On a summer eve, it is not uncommon to find it a busy go-to place for the young.

Especially as it now has the Zaisan entertainment complex, housing a cinema, a fancy hotel and even more shops and food outlets. 


Revolutionary Mongol Tank Brigade Monument

Upon arrival, the tanks, location can not be missed as it mounted upon a massive sandstone plinth standing out from the modern buildings growing around it. This monument was erected to honour the 25th anniversary of the Mongol tank brigade. 

During the Second World War (the Soviet Great Patriotic War) the revolutionary Mongol tank brigade was formed when funds donated by the people of Mongolia were presented and used by the Red Army to create this detachment. 

This T34 monument was unveiled on Victory Day May 9th, 1968; the actual tank took part in every major battle from Moscow to final victory in Berlin.  The plinth shows the eight combat decorations and guards citations awarded to the tank.  

At the front of the pedestal is featured the Mongolian Golden Soyombo emblem (the national Symbol of Mongolia). Mongolian explains, "The 'Revolutionary Mongolia' tank brigade built on the donation of the people of Mongolia participated in the war against Hitler's Germany." 

The inscription on the left of the pedestal says "Long live the valiant friendship between the peoples of Mongolia and the Soviet Union!". The map shown on the right-hand side of the tank reveals the route of the tanks journey from Moscow to Berlin. 

Zaisan Memorial

Constructed in 1956 the Zaisan Memorial honours allied Mongolian and Soviet soldiers killed in World War II.

It also recognizes the friendships and achievement s made between the soviet union and the Mongol people.

The mosaic depicts scenes ranging from the Soviet support for Mongolia's independence declaration in 1921, the defeat of the Japanese Kwantung Army by the Soviets at Khalhkin Gol in 1939, victory over Nazi Germany.  It also shows the Soviet space flight Soyuz 39 which carried the Mongolian cosmonaut Jugderdemidiin Gurragchaa.

The outer wall of the monument is designed on the shape of the traditional Mongolian fireplace symbolizing life.

The Memorial wall incorporates a 27-meter high statue of a Russian soldier holding a victory flag in one hand and a machine gun in the other. Within the outer wall of the Memorial is a smaller circular plinth which contains the earth from the revolutionary battles across Mongolia Altanbulag, Tolbo lake and Khalkhyn Gol.

If you look closer, you will notice that there is a hole through this base which used to function as an eternal flame although now only used on holiday events.

Getting there

It used to be the case that you could see the Memorial from most locations across the city. Unfortunately, these days as construction grows it is becoming obscured. 


If walking head south from the city square, the walk will take around 1hr 30 mins. The Memorial will eventually come into view. 


This journey will famously depend on traffic taking from 15 mins – 1hr. You may be better to walk the final leg. 

If asking a taxi or directions, almost every citizen here will know Zaisan and get you there. 

Upon arrival, the tank is easy to find when walking to the Zaisan monument; you have three choices. 

  1. Though the Zaisan shopping complex it's a modern lifeless affair as a tourist there is a very small sky bridge from the rear meaning you'll only have 300 steps to manage.
  2. If you are travelling by car, there is a parking lot halfway meaning you will also have 300 steps.
  3. The preferred option is to start from the base, the 612 steps leading up, begin from just behind the Revolutionary Mongol tank brigade monument. 

It is well worth the journey to the top as the views are brilliant looking out across the every growing Ulaanbaatar, the Tuul river and beyond.

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