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Ulaanbaatar Weather

Ulaanbaatar Weather: Mid-March to May
Ulaanbaatar Weather: Mid May to July
Ulaanbaatar Weather: July to August
Ulaanbaatar Weather: August to October
Ulaanbaatar Weather: October to March

What is the weather like in Ulaanbaatar

Located 1,350 m (4,429 ft) above sea level, Ulaanbaatar is capital of a wholly landlocked country hundreds of miles away from any ocean all of this affects the climate in and around this city. Summers can be hot, while the winters are long subarctic affairs.

The mercury plunges to an average of -25 although temperatures can regularly dip below -40 earning Ulaanbaatar its title of worlds coldest capital city. Winter will last approximately five months starting from Mid October and running until March.  

Throughout the year July is the hottest month in Ulaanbaatar with a comfortable temperature of 18°C (64°F).  January is the coldest month at an average of -25°C (-9°F). 

Let's have a look at what to expect during the Ulaanbaatar weather year. 

Ulaanbaatar Weather
Mid-March to May

One can still expect some snow; the days will be warming up with some as hot as 17-18.

Although strong Siberian winds can whip up the dust causing some scary sand storms rolling down over the hills around the capital.

Visitor numbers are low at this time making for better local interaction, cheaper accommodation rates and transport. If you have come to photograph the green grasslands, this is not the time for you as the grass here will remain a horrid brown awaiting the early summer rains. 

Ulaanbaatar Weather
Mid May to July

Mid May is when summer starts and visitor numbers grow, as the storms approach the grass and flowers will also begin to grow.

As you travel throughout June, do expect some delays or stops to allow for torrential downpours. You may not be happy, but the local nomads will be rejoicing. 

Ulaanbaatar Weather
July to August

This period sees the busiest time for visitor numbers as many will come during mid-July to view the games of the Naadam festival.

The weather during this time is usually excellent and the days long making a great travel experience. However, do not come unprepared as that unexpected storm may still hit.

It will be hot and remember you are at over 1000 meters, so make sure sunscreen and hats are at hand. 

Ulaanbaatar Weather
August to October

From late August to October, the temperatures begin to drop, and the days shorten, the nights will become chilly but travel at this time is still rewarding.

August will reward travellers with lush green grasslands, forests and that traditional Mongolian feel.

September is great to head from Ulaanbaatar into the Gobi driving south as this dessert area cools and becomes less oppressive. 

Ulaanbaatar Weather
October to March

This time welcomes in the famed Mongolian winter -30 temperatures and short days, December sees it getting dark at 4 PM. 

Ulaanbaatar can also become more difficult at this time due to the high levels of air pollution.  The pollution becomes worse at 19:00 when ger district residents start burning coal for heat this lasts until the early morning—this past winter has seen a considerable improvement; however, as new government initiatives have begun to work.

The winter can still be an excellent time to travel as prices are low and there are hardly any visitors. Winter is also great to catch a glimpse of Ulaanbaatar in her winter colours as well as the outlying areas.  

For many, a marketing campaign will tote Mongolia as the land of the blue sky, and this is not too far wrong as we do have an average of around of 260 blue sky days a year. Although there are variations when talking about the weather in Ulaanbaatar, one need only remember in these rugged areas to expect the unexpected.

Ulaanbaatar can experience snow in May, and although The wettest month is June with an average of only 50mm of rain when it rains, it does rain.

Streets will become blocked and footpaths almost impassable. 

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