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Ulaanbaatar Hotels

List of Hotels in Ulaanbaatar
5-star Hotels in Ulaanbaatar
3-star Hotels in Ulaanbaatar

When looking to stay in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia's growing capital, you're met with a plethora of choices when it comes to hotels in Ulaanbaatar.

At first glance, people assume that in this small populated country, there may not be that much choice. As Mongolia grows and the capital becomes more prosperous, there are more choices becoming available. 

Within Ulaanbaatar, there is a range of options when it comes to Ulaanbaatar hotels. This ranges from small guest houses through to the usual western style 3-5 star options.

The only real time anyone needs to worry about availability is from early to mid-July when not only the capital but the country celebrates the nations biggest holiday Naadam

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List of hotels in Ulaanbaatar

From our experience, here is a list of hotels in Ulaanbaatar we have tried - and our favourite Ulaanbaatar hotels.

Many of them have also received overall good feedback from our clients. 

The hotels are listed in their set rating order starting with the 5-star options. 

5-star Hotels in Ulaanbaatar

Shangri-La Hotel Ulaanbaatar

The newest of the 5-star options for hotels in Ulaanbaatar is this modern giant. It is located right in the heart of the city centre - making it an ideal base for both business and leisure travellers. Also attached to this hotel is the Shangri-La shopping mall with all you will need, including restaurants and leisure facilities. 

Total of rooms: 290
Pros: Modern style hotel, clean sharp-looking, perfect for all your business needs, well-appointed rooms. 
Cons: Impersonal staff, mixed reports on onsite restaurants, an overseas hotel chain, make sure to get out and experience the city.  
Location: From the city centre: 0.7km, Ulaanbaatar Train station: 2.3km, Chinggis Khaan International airport: 15km
Website: www.shangri-la.com/en/ulaanbaatar/shangrila/ 
Best Western Premier Tuushin Hotel

The Best Western hotel in Ulaanbaatar is brilliantly located very close to the main city square and some lovely local restaurants. This local landmark establishment has raised the bar since newer competition has opened in the city.

The hotel has a great selection of rooms, some with great views over the nearby city square. 

Total of rooms: 198
Pros: Perfect location, naturally friendly/ helpful staff, one of my best breakfasts. 
Cons: In the summer some rooms can be a little hot, Check before booking if you want a view. 
Location: From the city centre: 0.1km, Ulaanbaatar Train station: 4.0km, Chinggis Khaan International airport: 16km
Website: www.bestwesternmongolia.mn 
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Blue Sky Hotel

The Blue Sky hotel in Ulaanbaatar has a perfect location right at the heart of the city and amongst some great restaurant options. This blue glass sail design can not be missed and is still noticeable throughout the city.

The hotel is Mongolian owned, which is good for the country and gives us more reason to recommend it.

Total of rooms: 200
Pros: Locally owned, great views over the city, staff friendly and excellent English, visit the sky bar for some of those great Ulaanbaatar views. 
Cons: Check room location before booking not all rooms have that unique view.  Some of the rooms have that odd glass wall between the bathroom and bedroom. Restaurants on site not great. 
Location: From the city centre: 0.1km, Ulaanbaatar Train station: 3.5km, Chinggis Khaan International airport: 15km
Website: www.hotelbluesky.mn
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Ulaanbaatar hotel

Our top pick amongst the top hotels in Ulaanbaatar, although this is mainly due to the history.

Built-in 1961, the Ulaanbaatar hotel is the countries first 5-star hotel and the first permanent building in the city to have running hot water.

It may be old, but it does manage to have a fading charm perfect for those who are interested in Soviet history. 

Total of rooms: 120
Pros: Great location, friendly staff, locally owned, historical building.
Cons: Not up there with Ulaanbatars modern 5-star hotels, ageing rooms, the heating system can be patchy. 
Location: From the city centre: 0.2km, Ulaanbaatar Train station: 4.0km, hinggis Khaan International airport: 16km
Website: www.ubhotel.mn 

3-star Hotels in Ulaanbaatar

H9 Hotel Nine

H9 offers a great location near to the heart of the city nestled amongst some of its 5-star competitors. A newer build the rooms are sharp modern and welcoming; this friendly hotel offers great prices and cleanliness. 

Total of rooms: 51
Pros: location, locally owned, good coffee, friendly staff, price, good breakfast.
Cons: rooms get a little hot in the summer months, night staff have little English, mediocre dinner. Staff get a bit confused with reservations. 
Location: From the city centre: 0.3km, from Ulaanbaatar Train station: 2.6km, Chinggis Khaan International airport: 16km
Website: www.hotelnine.mn 

There's lots to choose from in terms of Ulaanbaatar hotels, but these are our top pics from the experts. 

Let us know if you have any additions or suggestions to this list, or let us know how your Ulaanbaatar hotel stay was! 

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