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Stamp Shop, Kaesong

Kaesong Stamp Shop

Visiting Tips


The Kaesong Stamp Shop is the best location on tours to purchase stamps, postcards, and ginseng products.

It features on just about every tour that includes the city of Kaesong and the DMZ in the itinerary.

They also sell locally-made cosmetics for both women and men and have a limited range of artwork, ceramics, DVD’s and other DPRK made souvenirs.


The Kaesong Stamp Shop is located in the city of Kaesong next to the entrance of the Koryo Museum.

You can’t miss it!

Visiting Tips

  • The staff here are all excellent - they are fluent in Chinese and speak a little English.
  • You can send postcards from here, but time is usually limited here so it is best done back at your hotel if your hotel has a postal centre such as the Yanggakdo or Koryo Hotels – check with your guides if you’re unsure.
  • If purchasing postcards do ensure to also purchase the specific stamps so that you can send them internationally.
  • It can get busy here as a lot of tour groups head here after finishing at the DMZ – it helps to be patient, but decisive when shopping so as not to hold your group up.
  • If you can’t make it here or your tour itinerary doesn’t feature Kaesong, then request a visit to the Koryo Stamp Museum in Pyongyang to get your fill of stamps and postcards.

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