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Sariwon Folklore Park Makgeolli

Sariwon Folklore Park Makgeolli

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Makgeolli is a traditional North Korean alcohol.

It is a fermented rice drink with about 6% alcohol content. 

It is best when it's fresh - and you can purchase this freshly brewed Makgeolli in the Sariwon Folklore park in Sariwon. 

Here, it is locally produced by an elderly couple that run the folklore park. 


The Sariwon Folklore Park is located in the centre of Sariwon, South West North Korea

The Makgeolli is served and sold at the back of the park. You can't miss the area where it is sold, as there are also multiple colourful traditional Korean clothes there that you can try on. 

Sometimes, the elderly couple is not there.

If you stick around long enough, they may arrive. Otherwise, they may be having a day off! 


You can buy the makgeolli either in a bottle to take away, or in small shells.

If you just want to try the makgeolli, trying it first in a small shell is best. 

If you like what you try, you can purchase a small bottle to take away! 

Visiting Tips

  • Although you may not be consuming any petrol, it is best to enjoy this North Korean food with ample Soju - the North Korean alcohol. This helps to make sure that your stomach is protected against any uncooked clam or sneaky petrol that finds its way in. Although, you can eat the clams raw too - so there should be no issues. 
  • We have never had anyone get ill from the Nampo Petrol Clam BBQ before. However, if you have a sensitive stomach it is best to stay away. 
  • We recommend to enjoy your BBQ after having dinner, so you can complement your meal at the restaurant in the hotel and enjoy the clams and the BBQ slowly as the sun sets on the hotel grounds. 


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