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Reunification Highway Unjong Resthouse & Shop

Unjong Resthouse

Visiting Tips


The Unjong Resthouse is located about 20 minutes south of Sariwon on the way to the DMZ and Kaesong

It is a convenient stop for those who are going to Kaesong and the DMZ from Pyongyang or back. 

It is a convenient place for a toilet stop, or a top-up of coffee and tea. In summer months, you can also enjoy an ice-cream here. 

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The Unjong Resthouse is located on both sides of the road, convenient for those going either way. It is connected by a bridge in the middle, although it is not always possible to go on this bridge. 

For those wanting to stick around for longer, there are also tables and chairs set out underneath an umbrella so you can have a relax in all weathers! 


On offer at the resthouse to purchase; 

- North Korean snacks

- North Korean ice-cream

- North Korean souvenirs

- North Korean cigarettes

- Fruit

- Vegetables

- Tea & Coffee

- Cold drinks 

Visiting Tips

  • During busy summer months, there may be many tourists here - including many Chinese tourists. You may have to fight your way through the crowds.
  • The toilets here are not the best in the world. And you may have to queue up for a long time, if only one of the rooms is open. Remember to be patient, and bring toilet roll. It's best to go to the toilet first and if you have any other time then you can look at buying things, otherwise you may hold your group up. 

  • Many of the souvenir goods here can be found in other hotels for cheaper. Save your purchasing for snacks and drinks - unless you really have to buy something here! 

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