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Rason Market

Rason Market

Rason Market


Rason is located in North Korea's far North East

It borders both China and Russia. 

It is otherwise known as the Rason SEZ (Special Economic Zone).

Rason maket is the first free market in the country and the only one which foreign tourists can visit is in Rason. 

Rason Market

A row of large buildings full of hundreds of vendors and thousands of local shoppers daily. Most of the goods on sale are from China.

Whilst photos are not permitted, it’s a unique chance to handle the local currency.

The market used to be housed under a large shed with most of the sellers spilling out onto the streets.

Now, it's a different scene.

The Rason market is massive with several warehouse buildings that are both one and two storey. 

As you approach the market, you’ll first see local street vendors selling small items and a random selection of goods.

You can park right outside the market and walk from there.

Inside the market area, there is a whole new scene of street vendors selling an assortment of goods, as well as some North Korean street food.

This includes a variety of street food and questionable drinks.

Stepping inside the market buildings can be a bit overwhelming.

There are people everywhere shopping, and as soon as they see a foreigner the vendors will be shouting to get you to come to have a look at their goods.

The market is arranged in a bizarre way that means all of the same goods are in the same area.

You will find yourself down one row selling the same North Korean clothes and hats, and two rows down there will be vendors upon vendors selling the same cigarettes.

You may also run into some Russians who visit Rason from the border to make the most of the cheap prices and the range of goods on offer. 


  • What can you buy at the market in Rason? 
  • Local snacks
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Vegetables and imported fruits
  • Sweets and chocolate
  • Cooked dishes
  • Street food snacks
  • Jackets
  • Scarves
  • Caps
  • Scosk
  • Anything else clothing
  • Mobile phones
  • Electronics
  • Household items
  • Kitchen utensils
  • ... and more! 


  • Photos are strictly not permitted here. 
  • It's the best place to get local goods - make sure you are buying these and not Chinese goods! 
  • Try some of the street food and get lost amongst the various market buildings. 
  • Try your hand at haggling. 

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