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Pansangi: Traditional North Korean Food

Traditional North Korean Food

Where can I find it?
What is Pansangi?


A favourite in North Korean cuisine, this North Korean food is unique and found mainly in the southern region of North Korea. 

It goes by various names; Banchan, Bansang, Pansangi (반상, 반찬)

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Where can I find it?

Pansangi is a common food found in the Kaesong area of North Korea. 

There are many restaurants that offer Pansangi. 

It is definitely worth a try whilst you are visiting Kaesong or the DMZ. 

What is Pansangi?

Pansangi is the term for a collection of various dishes presented in small bronze bowls.

The more dishes, the more important a guest you are! 

The standard is usually anything between 9 - 12 dishes, with 12 being the most. 

The dishes vary in what they include, but usually tofu, an egg dish, a small amount of fish and meat, fermented vegetables. kimchi, cucumber, and eggplant. 

This is always accompanied with soup and rice. And a side of soju! 


  • You may not like all of the dishes. But at least give them a try! 
  • If you are vegetarian or vegan a few of the meat/fish dishes can easily be swapped. 
  • The small cup next to the dishes is NOT water. This is soju - North Korean alcohol

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