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North Korean Ginseng

North Korean Ginseng

What is Ginseng?
Health Properties of Ginseng
Where can I buy ginseng?
Ginseng Tips & Anecdotes

What is Ginseng?

Ginseng is the root of plants in the genus Panax. It is popular in Asian countries, specifically Korea and China. 

Ginseng has been used in traditional medicine over centuries. It is said to have multiple medicinal properties. 

Although, modern clinical research has proved inconclusive about its medical effectiveness.

Red Ginseng

Red ginseng is ginseng that has been steamed and dried. This is why it has a reddish colour.

Red ginseng is less vulnerable to decay than white ginseng.

White Ginseng

White ginseng is fresh ginseng that has been peeled and dried without being heated.  

Health Properties of Ginseng

Although not medically proved, ginseng is said to have many health properties. 

This includes helping anything from having a cold or the flu, to increasing energy and lowering blood pressure.

korean ginseng

Where Can I Buy Ginseng?


The best place to buy ginseng is in Kaesong, in the very south of North Korea. 

It is said that the ginseng produced here is the best quality in the world. 

Driving around Kaesong, you can see a lot of ginseng fields and farms. 

It's grown under small tents that are unique for cultivating ginseng. 

Ginseng Products

If buying the pure ginseng root isn't for you, don't worry. 

North Korea turn just about anything into a ginseng product. And if they haven't yet, chances are they might well in the future. 

At the moment, ginseng products for sale include;

- Ginseng root

- Ginseng jelly

- Ginseng chewing gum

- Ginseng chocolate

- Ginseng drink

- Ginseng soju

- Ginseng makeup & beauty products

- Ginseng tea

- Ginseng coffee

... and much more! 

Ginseng Tips & Anecdotes

  • There's a saying in North Korea that ginseng "makes men stronger". If a man eats too much ginseng, it is bad for the woman. If the woman and man both eat too much ginseng, then it is bad for the bed...
  • Ginseng is a strong, unique taste. You may not like it. That's OK. 

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