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Hot Spa Hotel Restaurant, Nampo

Hot Spa Hotel Restaurant 

Visiting Tips


The Hot Spa Hotel Restaurant is located inside the Hot Spa Resort on North Korea's West Coast in Nampo

Eating here is a standard for most of those staying in Nampo on a tour to North Korea. 

The restaurant itself is standard in size, holding around 50 people happily. 


The Hot Spa Restaurant is located in the Hot Spa Resort. 

The restaurant itself is located behind the reception area. 

Pull open the large, heavy, wooden doors behind reception, and you will find yourself in the big banquet hall. 

Next door to the restaurant there is the hotel reception, as well as a recreational area where you can play billiards or ping pong. 


You can expect to find standard North Korean cuisine here. 

Think lots of rice, kimchi, soup, and various vegetable, meat, and seafood side dishes thrown in. 

All washed down with some North Korean beer, of course! 

The restaurant is set-up in large round tables with a moving middle so you can share the food and pass it around. 

For breakfast, there is a buffet offering North Korean cuisine with a hint of Chinese cuisine thrown in. 

If you're after a full breakfast, you won't get that here. However, there is a buffet with bread 

Visiting Tips

  • If you want to stick around here for a long time into the night - the restaurant staff probably won't be having any of it. It's best to move the party to a BBQ area outside, or to one of the recreational rooms next-door. 
  • If you want fresh coffee made for breakfast, you should ask the restaurant staff. 

  • There are some drinks and snacks to purchase here. The fridges are locked shut - so you need to find a member of staff to open them. 

  • If you take any glasses outside, remember to return them later or the next morning. The staff won't forget. 

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