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Ryonggang Hot Spa Resort
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Hot Spa Facilities at the Hot Spa Resort

Hot Spa Facilities at the Ryonggang Hot Spa Hotel 

Visiting Tips


The Hot Spa Hotel Restaurant is located inside the Hot Spa Resort on North Korea's West Coast in Nampo

One of the biggest pulls of staying here in Nampo is the hot spa facilities it provides. 

What is a stay at the hot spa hotel like


There are two hot spa facilities at the Hot Spa Hotel. 

In-Room Facilities

Each room at the Hot Spa Hotel is equipped with its own hot spa. 

You can enjoy this in your own privacy. 

The hot spa facility is located in the bathroom

Hot spa water is only available at certain times in the evening and morning. 

Confirm what time this will be available, and prepare accordingly! 

You can keep the tap open and wait for the water and tub to fill up whilst you go for dinner or enjoy the other hotel facilities. 

You can also keep the tap open at night so that it is full and ready for you in the morning. 

Public Hot Spa Facilities

At the back of the resort complex is a public swimming pool. 

There are two different pools of different temperatures available. Locals and foreigners alike can use these facilities together

There is also a bar and snack area, as well as lounge chairs and massage facilities. 

It costs extra to use this public area unless you are staying in the rooms in the same building. 

You should wear swimwear when bathing here. 


It is advised that you don't spend any longer than approx. 20 minutes bathing in the hot spa water. 

You should make sure to drink plenty of water whilst you are using the facilities since you can get dehydrated. 

Visiting Tips

  • The in-room hot spa facilities can get very hot. Sometimes, it is best to leave it running in the evening, then once it is filled up, close the tap and wait until morning. It should be a good temperature then. Otherwise, adding cold water works too. 
  • Don't be deterred by the colour of the tub - this is dyed like this from the minerals in the water. 
  • Make sure to drink a lot of water and not too much alcohol when enjoying the hot spa. 

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