FAQ | How much
does it cost to
go to North Korea?

Costs to consider for your trip to the DPRK

FAQ: How much does it cost to go to North Korea?

Most introductory tours to North Korea will typically range between 600-1500 EUR per person depending on your point of departure, tour length, group size, accommodation type, rooming preference, and your preferred method of transport.

Our regular group tours primarily depart from Beijing, the main transport hub for both air and train transport to North Korea. For some tours, it is also possible to depart from Dandong in northeast China by train, but requires a Chinese visa, and so is more convenient for already those living or traveling in China. There are also flights to Pyongyang from Shenyang, Vladivostok, and Shanghai (high-season charters).

We recommend visiting the country on at least a 3-night tour. A 3-night tour allows you to visit both the capital Pyongyang and the Demilitarized Zone near Kaesong. Shorter tours are available over specific holidays and special events, such as the Pyongyang Marathon. A 3-night tour from Beijing can range between approximately 800-1100 EUR.

For travel, there are some other costs to consider such as the recommend industry standard end of tour tip for the Korean guide team (10-15 EUR per traveller per day on group tours), money for souvenirs, and tour specific optional activities such as the the Mass Games, optional activities, or the Pyongyang Marathon race fee.

Check out our upcoming North Korea group tours here (prices are listed individually by tour) and here for a our pricing for private independent tours. We offer discounts on our non-budget tours to return customers, students, and groups of 3 or more travelling together. See here for more details on our discount policy.

See here for a list of our North Korea budget tours in 2018/9.

Updated 15 October 2018.


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