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Introducing Pyongyang's new Children's Traffic Park

The Pyongyang Children's Traffic Park

Location: The Pyongyang Children's Traffic Park (어린이교통공원) is situated in the Ryonmot-dong area of Pyongyang, the park is not far from the Three Revolution’s Exhibition and can be spotted when driving into the city from the airport.

Abbey Road at Pyongyang Children's Traffic Park

Description: While Pyongyang used to have a reputation of being largely traffic-less, the fact that past years have seen an increasing number of cars can’t be overlooked. This increase in traffic did not only result in an increasing number of traffic lights appearing and pushing the city’s infamous traffic ladies to the side of the road (see here for our blog on traffic ladies) but seemingly also an increasing awareness for traffic regulations and a need for education in this area.

In summer 2017 Pyongyang, as well as some other cities in North Korea, saw the opening of a Children’s Traffic Park. The park boasts a large outside area complete with miniature buildings, footbridges, traffic lights, railway tracks, tunnels and more, where kids can use bicycles, mini cars and scooters to practice.

Road rage at Pyongyang Children's Traffic Park

In-door facilities include rooms for theory classes, arcade-style video simulation (you need to know how to handle a stick!), a 3D cinema featuring dinosaur and snowboard videos, shooting games and a Korean version of Dance Dance Revolution (we are yet to figure out the connection between the latter three and traffic education).

Practical Tips:

*Come here for those car-less photos of Pyongyang's mean streets.

Driving at Pyongyang Children's Traffic Park

Updated 09 October 2018


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