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The bridge connecting China and North Korea over the Yalu River.

Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge China North Korea Border

The Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge, sometimes referred to as the China-North Korea Friendship Bridge (中朝友谊桥 | Zhōng cháo yǒuyì qiáo), is the bridge connecting China and North Korea across the Yalu River. It goes from the Chinese city to the North Korean border city of Sinuiju and is one of the few borders connecting China and North Korea. It is also known as the new Yalu River Bridge, since it was built after the first one which is now known as the Yalu Broken Bridge. Due to the proximity of the two borders, you can have your first look at North Korea from the banks of the Yalu River on the Chinese side.

There is both a railway and a roadway on the Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge, but pedestrians are not allowed to access the bridge. You can only cross the bridge via train or vehicle.

It only takes a few minutes to cross the Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge from Dandong. Once you have crossed, you will stop in the North Korean border-city Sinuiju for customs and border control.


1937 - 1943

Between 1937 and 1943, the Imperial Japanese Army constructed the Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge during their occupation of Korea and Munchukuo (northeast China).


Between 1950 and 1951 both the Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge, and the older bridge 100m away (now known as the Yalu River Broken Bridge) were repeatedly attacked by American military aircrafts. These repeated attacks were meant to cut off the flow of supplies and troops being sent across to North Korea from China.

Both bridges were repeatedly repaired during this Korean War period.

One attack from the US military bombed the older bridge at the China-North Korea cut off point in the middle of the river. This was never repaired, hence giving the bridge its name today; the Yalu River Broken Bridge.


Repairs were made once again to the Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge after repeat attacks, and it was reopened for use in 1953.


Originally named the Yalu River Bridge and also given the name the New Yalu River Bridge, the Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge was renamed in 1990.


In 2010 the New Yalu River Bridge/Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge was reconstructed.

Practical Tips

* By Boat: If you have some time in Dandong, you can take a boat trip on the Yalu River. Taking one of these tourists boats allows you to see both the Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge, and the Broken Bridge. You also have the opportunity to pass close to the North Korean waterfront.

* By Foot: If you’re visiting Dandong on the way to North Korea from Beijing, the train from Beijing to Pyongyang will give you enough time to visit the Sino-Korean friendship bridge on foot. This is the bridge in Dandong that you will travel over by train across the Chinese - North Korean border.

* Beijing - Pyongyang Train: You will depart Beijing at 5:30pm and arrive in Dandong in the morning. This overnight sleeper train is the perfect distance and time. You get yourself settled on the train, pay a visit to the dining cart and chat with the rest of the group members. The Lights go out on the train at 10pm and the train carriage is kept quiet. You can settle down in your bed, then wake up in the morning arriving into Dandong!

After you arrive in Dandong, you need to change trains to a connecting train. In Dandong, you’ll have about 30 mins - 1hr time to explore Dandong. This, believe it or not, is enough time to explore this small Chinese city.

From the train station in Dandong, you can walk to the Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge. Walk outside the train station onto the main road, turn right, and keep walking forwards. You should walk forwards for approx. 10/15 minutes until you see the Yalu river. From here, the Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge is in clear sight. Just turn to your right and follow the river down.

From the Yalu River, you have your first look at North Korea from the other side. To the right of the Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge, you will see the Broken Bridge. This was the original bridge connecting China and North Korea, but was bombed by the US during the Korean War. You can take a walk along to the end of this bombed bridge for 30 RMB.

Location and Access

You can visit the Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge from Dandong, China. Dandong is a city in the North East of China in Liaoning province. Just a short walk from the city centre and train station (10 minutes) you can visit the Yalu River, the Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge, and the Broken Bridge.

From Dandong train station, walk to the main road just in front of the train station, turn right and walk right down the main road for approx. 10-15 minutes. You will then come to the Yalu River and be able to see both bridges.


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