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2014 Koryo Studio participation in the Venice Biennale Korea Pavilion, winner of the 'Golden Lion'. Exhibition re-exhibited in Seoul and New York

In 2013 Koryo Studio was approached by leading South Korean architect Minsuk Cho to work with him on providing the North Korean content to the Venice Pavilion. As well as providing historical artworks Koryo Studio commissioned North Korean architects to explore ideas that not only would lead to a sustainable future for tourism but also create a unique identity linked to the country’s distinct architectural styles. In the brief we asked for fun, innovative designs, not to be restricted by practicality, and to explore what may be possible with future materials and techniques. Using various symbolic motifs, from a traditional hand wheel to a bird’s nest, the hand drawn designs suggest a new kind of tourism in North Korea, intertwining nature, tradition and technology.

Pyongyang International Film Festival

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