Ultimate Frisbee

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The growing game of Ultimate is not something anyone in North Korea had ever played prior to 2011. In fact, when tourists took a frisbee into the country they often found local people completely unaware of how to throw the disc, so this one was a real challenge – but at Koryo Tours, we love a challenge!

We have now organised two Ultimate mini-tournaments in the country, each of three teams, each time mixing the teams between foreigners and Koreans, mixed abilities, and mixed levels of understanding of the game - all in the spirit of the game itself. We initially played at Taesongsan Park on the edge of Pyongyang, then for the second event moved to the grass-pitch inside the Yanggakdo Football Stadium. We managed to teach the basics of the sport to dozens of North Koreans and if things continue to develop we may one day see them on the world stage, some of these ladies & gents were serious naturals after all and took to the sport with quite some passion and effort. So while we are unlikely to see a DPRK team testing the world power any time soon, this serves as an example of how it is possible for us to convert a crazy interesting idea into a real event. We’d be glad to consider any sporting proposal and to find locals to get involved.

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