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Football is the most popular sport in the DPRK, and while it may not be followed with quite the overwhelming passion of some European and South American nations, it is still something that people watch on TV, go to stadiums to see local teams taking part in, and have a general appreciation of.

Koryo Tours has always had a deep involvement in football in North Korea through our work with the 1966 World Cup heroes and beyond. So when we started our program of sports-based interaction efforts it was natural that football would be the first step. In 2003 we took in the first amateur team to play in Pyongyang; Beijing Celtic FC. Since then we have arranged for more than 10 other teams to take part in various matches, against opposition from the amateur company-teams all the way up to local pro-teams. On dirt pitches, in the national team’s stadium, at the Pyongyang football academy, and elsewhere. Football touches people like no other sport and the interaction opportunities and chance for locals to see the game played in different ways are second-to-none. If you are part of an amateur team looking for somewhere a bit different to go on tour then drop us a line, and you could find yourself playing The Beautiful Game against a North Korean team soon!

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