The Scientists' Guesthouse
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For Korean scientists visiting the capital Pyongyang

The Scientists' Guesthouse

From time to time a travelogue or article will appear online claiming that foreigners can only stay in one hotel in Pyongyang, a hotel on an island isolated in the middle of the Taedong River by the name of Yanggakdo. This is simply not true and it is amazing that this mistake repeatedly gets past fact-checkers even at real news outlets.

In an era of 'alternative facts', the Hotels of the DPRK blog feels it has the solemn duty to try to set the record straight: there are at least twelve hotels in Pyongyang at which foreigners can stay. Today's hotel, the Scientists' Guesthouse, is not one of them. These are 'non-alternative facts', or what were once formally known as simply 'facts'.

The guesthouse is located in East Pyongyang' Chongryu-dong No. 2, a block north of the Monument to Party Foundation on Munsu Street. East Pyongyang is home to Pyongyang's 'University Street' and numerous hospitals/medical facilities. The guesthouse no doubt provides housing for scientists visiting the capital.

Hotels of the DPRK Award: Best Hotel in East Pyongyang.

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The guesthouse itself is a large white concrete building of approximately 20 stories. We have never been inside, but it appears to have a restaurant on the first floor. It is within walking distance of the Taesong Department Store and a number of local restaurants.

A new hotel for scientists has been built next to the Science and Technology Complex on Suk Island.

Hotels of the DPRK Award: Best Hotel in East Pyongyang.

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