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Pothonggang Hotel

Pothonggang Hotel

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Pothonggang Hotel: Introduction

Built in 1973, the Pothonggang Hotel is one of North Korea's top-class hotels and is one of Pyongyang's fanciest and most expensive hotels - if not the most expensive.  

pothongang hotel pyongyang

Pothonggang Hotel: Location

The Pothonggang Hotel is named as such as it is located on the banks of the Pothonggang (Pothong River) in North Korea's capital city Pyongyang

Address: Ansan-Dong 2, Phyongchon District, Pyongyang. 

Pothonggang Hotel: Exterior

The Pothonggang Hotel has a large exterior. There is a large driveway up to the main entrance of the hotel, as well as a large parking area just below. 

Behind the hotel, there is a large terrace area where you can dine or have drinks on a warm evening. 

Pothonggang Hotel: Interior

The Pothonggang Hotel has a total of 9 floors. 

On the first floor, you can find a Korean restaurant, a barber's, beauty parlour, sauna, massage room, and fitness room.

On the second floor, there is the reception, an international communications service office, a bookshop, a coffee shop, karaoke, three interview rooms, a banquet hall with 180 seats, and various restaurants. There are also multiple number of high-class shops selling various types of clothing, as well as a food shop selling various foreign products. 

There is also a KoryoLink office - the foreign internet service provider. 

pothongang hotel pyongyang


The lobby and reception is just a short walk from the entrance down a corridor. It is modern and grand. To the right of the lobby looking forwards is the coffee shop, and to the left is the rest of the hotel - including the lift to the rooms, shops, and other facilities. 

From the 3rd to 9th floors there are over 160 rooms - including everything from standard to VIP. 

There is also a WiFi service in the lobby. 

pothongang hotel pyongyang

Coffee Shop 

The Pothonggang Hotel coffee shop is located in the lobby and reception area. It is an open plan but cosy area that plays Austrian classical music and gives the illusion that you are somewhere else in the world.

To the back of the coffee shop, there is a wall partition offering a more private experience. 

The coffee is good but expensive. 

You can also get various bar snacks and light meals. 

Alcohol is also available here. 

pothongang hotel pyongyang
pothongang hotel pyongyang

Bedrooms - Standard 

The standard room costs 10,360 DPRKorean Won per night. 

(Approx 103 USD)

They are basic but large.

There are two standard single beds, a TV with foreign channels, and a basic bathroom with bathtub. 

pothongang hotel pyongyang

pothongang hotel pyongyang

Bedrooms - Premium

The premium room costs 18, 340 DPRKorean Won per night. 

(Approx 183 USD)

This room is made up of two areas - a bedroom with ensuite bathroom, and a lounge area with large TV and sofa, as well as a reading desk and chair, and a small fridge. 

pothongang hotel pyongyang

pothongang hotel pyongyang

Bedrooms - VIP Suite

The VIP Suite costs 38, 360 DPRKorean Won per night. 

(Approx 384 USD)

You will spend about 5 minutes trying to navigate this suite.

When you walk in, you can either turn left or right. 

Turn left, and you will hit the main meeting room with a large meeting table, leather chairs, and a leather sofa. Turn left through here and you will find the dining room and a kitchen.

Go back out and turn right through the meeting room and you will be faced with the large lounge area with TV and comfortable sofas. 

Keep walking forward and you will then get to the large ensuite bedroom with once large double bed, wardrobe, and dressing table. 

Turn right through this room to get to the bathroom which is very fancy and modern.

There is a separate bathtub and shower. 

There is a door to the right of the bathroom that then leads in a pleasant circle right around to the entrance again, so you can finally get your bearings back! 

pothongang hotel pyongyang
pothongang hotel pyongyang
pothongang hotel pyongyang
pothongang hotel pyongyang
pothongang hotel pyongyang


On the second floor, there are three different restaurants. 

There is a Korean restaurant offering traditional North Korean food, a Japanese restaurant previously home to a Japanese chef and Japanese waitress staff, and a restaurant in the large banquet hall offering Korean and Western fusion cuisine. 

pothongang hotel pyongyang
pothongang hotel pyongyang
pothongang hotel pyongyang

Pothonggang Hotel: Visiting Tips

  • The shop selling foreign goods is great if you have run short of shampoo or are in need of some good chocolate, but it can get very expensive! 
  • The karaoke here is 10 USD per hour per person. Make sure you know this before you go in! 
  • In summer months, be sure to check out the outside area. 

pothongang hotel pyongyang

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