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How do North Koreans spend New Year's Day? Happy New Year from North Korea!

How do North Koreans celebrate New Year?

On New Year's Eve, citizens of Pyongyang will gather in Kim Il Sung Square.
Every year the celebrations differ slightly, but often include an impressive firework display, and in 2019 the famous Moranbong Band played in the centre of Kim Il Sung Square. there was a concert in the square and firework display across the river at the Juche Tower which included laser beam displays and lighted drones in the sky.

See below for some photos of bringing in the New Year in Pyongyang.

New Year's Eve concert in Kim Il Sung Square.
Drones as a bellflower (도라지꽃) above the Juche Tower.
Pyongyang's New Year's fireworks.

New Year in North Korea: New Year's Address

On New Year's Day, North Koreans will watch the annual New Year's Address (신년사 | 新年辭).

This address outlines national policy and priorities for the coming year.

See below for the recording of the 2019 New Year's Address.

New Year in North Korea: What Do North Koreans do?

Koreans will be required to study, learn, and memorise the contents of the New Year's address in the coming week at work, in units, or at school.

The address is also printed in North Korean newspapers and displayed throughout the country.

Foreign 'North Korea Watchers' across the world will also closely analyze the contents of the address.

Here is an excellent summary of the 2019 North Korean New Year's Address from NK News.

New Year's Day is a public holiday and people have the day off. Most Korean families will stay home and clean house.

There is a tradition to watch the romantic television drama Our Warm House which itself is set during the New Year.

Happy New Year from Koryo Tours!

Happy New Year from North Korea from Koryo Tours and this North Korean snowman!

A Pyongyang snowman.

Thank you to all those who travelled with us this year and all those planning to travel with us in the new year.

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'Happy New Year!'

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