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KITC Restaurant 2 & Souvenir Shop

Souvenir Shop

KITC #2 is one of the Korean International Travel Company's owned and operated restaurants in Pyongyang serving primarily foreign tourists.

After walking through the souvenir shop on the ground floor, visitors can head upstairs to be greeted by a room of circular tables, each with capacity for around six people. There is also the friendly waitress onhand to welcome you as you file in offering a glass of beer, juice or makkoli. 

This restaurant is an excellent place to get a filling bowl of Bibimbap or enjoying Pyongyang's signature dish, Cold Noodles' Naengmyon', a delicious dish often reserved for celebrations (although your trip to North Korea could be considered worth celebrating!).

Often, you may find Chinese tour groups enjoying their local delicacy, hot pot, in the restaurant which adds an exciting blend of culture to the restaurant.

Souvenir Shop

Heading downstairs from the restaurant, visitors will find themselves in the Souvenir shop.

Far from the dull, bog-standard gift shop, this shop has a wide range of products from the expected to the unexpected.

Sure, you can get yourself some traditional Korean clothing, models of the local monuments and other memorabilia…

Other items on sale which are always of some interest are the devalued Korean won presented in a nice folder, Korean stamps and the usual T-shirts. The shop appears separated into sections: 

  1. Usual souvenir's section includes stamps, money, T-shirts, tracksuits, Ginseng, cigarettes and some Korean made sweets. 
  2. Imported goods these appear to be aimed at locals as the range of products tends to be very kitsch and mostly imported from other countries. Items include fluorescent kitchenware (toothpick holders shaped like hedgehogs), gaudy alarm clocks and multiple sewing kits. 
  3. Seasonal clothing and footwear, again mostly imported goods and not always sold to foreign visitors. This is a hand sop if you have arrived in winter and forgotten a had or gloves. Occasionally for the more eagle-eyed there maybe a couple of Korean made items such as the odd shirt or vest. 

Very few places in North Korea will offer this unique range of products. It's a rare chance to do some fun, and genuinely unusual souvenir shopping done in the heart of the capital. Perfect if you're on a restricted schedule and have no time to stop at one of the department stores. 


KITC #2 and the Souvenir shop are located on Kwangbok (Liberation) Street, just a short walk from the Kwangbok Supermarket.

A walk from the supermarket to the restaurant is an excellent opportunity to see local life from street-level. Often, tourists like to spend the money on local sweets and treats in the supermarket, and so a brisk walk followed by a hearty local meal is an excellent way to round out the day. 

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