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Is Tajikistan Safe

Is Tajikistan Safe? 

Public Transport in Tajikistan
Pickpockets / Petty Crime in Tajikistan
Violent Crime in Tajikistan
Natural Disasters in Tajikistan
Terrorism in Tajikistan
Scams in Tajikistan
Solo Travelling in Tajikistan
Conclusion: Is Tajikstan Safe?

Is Tajikistan safe is a commonly asked question. And a question with answers on many levels.

The quick answer to this is yes!

But let's look into it a bit further. 

Public Transport in Tajikistan

Is public transport safe in Tajikistan?

Transport in Tajikistan tends to consist of public/ Privates taxis and buses in the cities.

Further travel in the country is usually taken by one of the many minibuses. 

Roads around towns and cities are in a good state of repair, however further travel between cities can be hazardous as the road condition can vary. Do take care when using public transport as this is one of the areas where pickpockets tend to operate.

Pickpockets / Petty Crime in Tajikistan

Is there crime in Tajikistan?

There are no real numbers published on theft and crime within Tajikistan. Although, in comparison to other countries, the numbers are low.

Despite this, do not travel blind as there is crime. 

Take care when handling money and do not flaunt your valuables. The main areas to watch out for are busy local markets as well as long-distance/ packed busses.

Violent Crime in Tajikistan

Is there violent crime in Tajikistan?

Violent crime in Tajikistan is very low, especially for foreign visitors. Although caution should always be exercised especially after dark.

Take care if out drinking in one of the cities bars or clubs avoid walking through dark gardens or lots.

Natural Disasters in Tajikistan

Are there natural disasters in Tajikistan?

Tajikistan is predominately a mountainous country. It is therefore by nature is prone to natural disasters.

Avalanches, mudslides, floods, landslides, storms and rockfalls all need to be taken into account when travelling throughout the country.

The region has in an earthquake zone although they are rare.

Terrorism in Tajikistan

Is there terrorism in Tajikistan?

A growing problem worldwide, unfortunately, Tajikistan has not been a country to escape these incidents.

The most recent and high profile incident took place in 2018 when a group of western long-distance cyclists we’re attacked in a remote region south of the capital.

Recently, there have been no targeted attacks on tourists. This may be due imparted to the fact that the Tajik government takes a zero-tolerance approach to terror groups and their supporters.

Always follow the foreign office advice and if travelling in Tajikistan travel with a reputable agent as they are more attuned to what is happening within the country.

Scams in Tajikistan

Are there scams in Tajikistan?

As with most countries, there are always people out to separate any traveller from his or her hard-earned cash and Tajikistan is not different.

Cases are not so common, but it does happen. Always check your change and if taking private transport confirm the price before travel.

One of the more unfortunate occurrences is scams by the local police. This does still happen, although such incidents are becoming rarer after being highlighted in the media.

Do also take care when departing the country as it’s not uncommon for customs officers still to attempt one last shack down and clear up on loose change. 

Solo Travellers in Tajikistan

Is Tajikistan safe for solo travellers?

In general, Tajikistan is a very safe country for solo travellers. Perhaps one of the safest in the region!

Although, do not let your guard down too much as there have been incidents involving tour guides making unwanted advances towards female travellers.

Avoid deserted and poorly lit streets. Try to avoid going anywhere after dark unaccompanied.

When travelling with a tour company, be sure to travel with a well-respected and professional outfit. A cut-price operation will normally use unlicensed guides and drivers.

Conclusion: How Safe is Tajikistan?

Maybe you have been left asking really? How safe is Tajikistan?

Many people after visiting Tajikistan refer to it as one of the friendliest countries they have visited.

After 6 years of constant travel to Tajikistan, we would say that Tajikistan is safer than neighbouring countries when looking at crime. 

Corrupt police are on the decline (for tourists for sure), although do take care. 

Policemen and other officials are known for being corrupt and they often target foreigners trying to extort bribes from them.

If you end up in a pickle or mixed up in any type of criminal activity, do not go to the police, as they are unlikely to help.

When out anywhere in Tajikistan, take care as you would at home especially after dark, as mentioned incidents are rare but can happen. 

Don’t flaunt your wealth or act macho. Tajikistan is still one of the poorest countries in the region Tajiks are very proud. 

In certain areas of the country, there is the threat of terrorism this tends to be focused on certain areas.

Check travel advice before beginning a journey and keep in contact with your tour operator. 

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