FAQ | What is the Koryo
Tours pre-tour briefing
for North Korea?

Why it's important for all our tourist to be briefed before travelling to the DPRK

FAQ | What is the Koryo Tours pre-tour briefing for North Korea?

Before you travel to North Korea with us, it is mandatory that you attend a pre-tour briefing at our office, which will normally take place the day before you depart. The briefing is designed to help you get the most out of your travel to North Korea. It is conducted by one of our expert staff and takes approximately 1-1.5 hours. The content is based on over 25 years of experience traveling to the country and expands on the pre-tour information we send to all customers upon booking.

The briefing covers important rules and regulations and etiquette for travel to North Korea. It also covers practicalities for travel, health and safety, and any relevant updates on the tour. This meeting also provides the opportunity to ask last minute questions and to meet your fellow travellers and tour leader.

FAQ | Do I have to attend a pre-tour briefing before traveling to North Korea?

Koryo Tours requires all travellers on our tours to attend a pre-tour briefing and will not send any customer to Korea without a briefing. The briefing is an important part of the tour and tour experience. Please factor it into your travel plans.

While we believe North Korea is a safe travel destination, like anywhere, there are specific guidelines and rules that need to be followed in-country. Some of guidelines are unique to North Korea and even experienced travellers may find them unfamiliar or confusing without proper introduction or context.


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